About us

About Us

Who are we?

We are the founders of The Trio Vault: William, Angus, and Calvin, a fanactic over the game of Pokémon since we were young. After rediscovering our passion for collectible cards in recent years, we decided to relive our childhood memories by opening an online shop. With limited platforms available in Hong Kong and globally, we wanted to create an open space where fans from all over the world could buy, sell, and trade Pokémon cards.

What do we do?

At The Trio Vault, we have made it our mission to establish a hub for collecting new and rare Japanese Pokémon TCG. As a HK-based shop, we pride ourselves on being the quickest and most efficient place to purchase the latest Japanese releases, with no lengthy shipping times or complicated customs fees. Our selection doesn't just focus on the latest products, as we also offer a vast range of some of the rarest cards in the game, making us the only shop to provide a service with such revered cards outside of Japan. Whether you are looking to finish your vintage sets or chasing the latest promo, we are confident in our ability to assist you in finding the cards you need.

How do we do?

In order to create a liquid pool with a variety of Pokémon TCG, we are proudly supported by a group of supportive private collectors who offer from the rarest raw cards to the latest graded cards. We also accept consignment if you believe in our expertise and exposure to the right buyer's hand. On the other hand, if there is anything not listed on our website, or something you would like us to look into picking up for you, then please get in contact with us via email at sales@thetriovault.com.